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Disclaimer: Crystal references taken from The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall and various internet sources.  Please always seek medical advice when necessary.  It is my belief that stones, crystals, and essential oils can aid in our overall mental and physical well being.  Please know that these pieces are made with the best intent to aid the wearer in achieving optimal balance of a healthy mind, body and soul.  Always infused with good vibes and positive energy with the help of the moon.  Brightest blessings!

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The Moon's Cache: Zodiac Jewelry

Take a look below at our Zodiac Jewelry Line available for purchase. Click on a photo for a larger image and full description of the piece.  Photo Right: Fabric Pouches for Zodiac Bracelets and Necklaces.

Custom Zodiac Pieces are available at any time, please contact me directly to discuss the stones and symbols you would like included in the pieces. Each Zodiac piece below available for purchase is one of a kind.

Hammered Silver Circle Pendant

Hammered Silver Circle Pendant with Zodiac word stamped on it with pewter zodiac symbol charm and two power stones for the Zodiac sign on a charm.  This one is Scorpio with malachite and turquoise and a lava stone for protection and can be used as an oil diffuser as well.  Available with leather cord. $50.00

Zodiac Ring

Custom Orders Only - Hammered Silver with Zodiac word stamped on bottom and Zodiac symbol on top.  Slightly adjustable but order desired size. $30.00

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Zodiac Circle Pendant Custom
Zodiac pendant all sign symbols stamped in brass silver moon copper sun soldered on different stones up either side coordinate for each sign.
Stones included are: chrysophase, sunstone, amethyst, carnelian, malachite, citrine, moss agate, onyx,opal, green tourmaline, lapis lazuli, peridot, labradorite, iolite, chaorite, sodalite, tiger eye, moonstone, apatite, topaz, garnet, fluorite, and larimar all stones are hand wrapped in copper and connected in copper, pendant is 1 1/2" inches in diameter. TPN101  $100.00

The Moons Cache

The Moon's Cache